by Renée Callahan

New Pattern! Miala


I have a new pattern out!

MIALA is an easy-to-knit version of the classic Icelandic-style sweater, but instead of using two colours for stranded knitting, Miala uses slipped stitches, increases and decreases to make a pretty colourwork yoke. Worked in a thick aran yarn, this sweater knits up quickly and is a classic shape; perfect for cosy autumnal walks, or curling up in front of the fire.

Miala knitting pattern

Chest circumference: 83 (91.5, 103, 111.5, 123)(131.5, 143, 151.5, 163) cm/ 32.75 (36, 40.5, 44, 48.5)(51.75, 56.25, 59.75, 64.25) inches

The sweater is worked seamlessly from the top down, so is easily made longer or shorter.

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Happy knitting! Rx