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by Renée Callahan

The Asterisks Shawl

My pattern for February! The Asterisks Shawl info: I was recently feeling the need to knit something substantial that would wrap around me and then some. I wanted an easy, satisfying knit; something that was interesting but easily memorised and didn’t require too much attention to the instructions and charts. This shawl is just the […]

by Renée Callahan

Outlaw Craft

Hello! My second blog post!  Two weeks running, and I am sooo patting myself on the back for this amazing accomplishment.  It’s not literally winning a gold metal or anything, but I take the little prizes when they come.  There is a saying about beggars and choosers, but I had a glass of wine with […]

by Renée Callahan

Tardy New Year’s Resolutions

This year I am all about the New Year’s resolutions.  I have tons of them.  And (almost) none involve fitness and diet. This year it’s all about the Knit. Now, I realize I am seriously behind on all of this.  I don’t mean the fact that I am writing about the New Year’s resolutions on […]