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by Renée Callahan

Happy New Year!

Hello! Welcome to 2017! How’s it treating you so far? I am off to a flying start. I have made lists by the shed-load and the post-it notes have proliferated, but I am happy with that. This feeling is probably something to do with having had a good, lazy holiday break with lots of movie-watching […]

by Renée Callahan

Happy Holidays!

Hello!! How are you? I love Christmas and am now in full holiday mode, but I do have a ton of exciting plans for 2017 that I can’t wait to share with you. Until then, I hope your holidays are wonderful and here is just a peek at what is coming up: This January, Craftsy […]

by Renée Callahan

A Romanian Retreat

Hello! November is flying by! You know that thing, where you are waiting for a bus forever and then 3 come at once? I feel like that is my knitting life right now and after a slow start I now have ALL the projects on the go, including several hand knit designs and a very special […]