by Renée Callahan

In the first edition of the Klee Collection:

Angelus Novus

Page 6, under the subtitle ‘Begin lace’ should read: Row 10 and all WS rows without double yos: K3, SM, purl to marker, SM, k3, SM, purl to marker, SM, k3.

In the first edition of Recollection:

Jo Shawl

Page 14, under the NOTE in the second column should read: ‘NOTE: To increase or decrease the size of the shawl, add or subtract 40 sts from the sample size total. For example, you could work a smaller size by working the shawlto 339, or 299 sts, or make the shawl larger by working to 419, or 459 etc. The stitch counts below refer to the sample size.’