Midding cardigan knitting pattern


Hello! I have a new pattern out! Midding is a new cardigan pattern for your needles!

Midding knitting pattern

MIDDING v. intr. feeling the tranquil pleasure of being near a gathering but not quite in it — hovering on the perimeter of a camp fire, chatting outside a party while others dance inside, resting your head in the backseat of a car listening to your friends chatting up front — feeling blissfully invisible yet still fully included, safe in the knowledge that everyone is together and everyone is okay, with all the thrill of being there without the burden of having to be.


Some projects suggest a kind of sweet nostalgia. Midding is a project like that. A classic cardigan shape, with long, fitted sleeves, a straight body, and panels of open cables. This cardigan is worked from the bottom up, with raglan shaping in the yoke, and i-cord finishing at the neck and button bands.


I used Kettle Yarn Co. Baskerville DK (Exmoor Blueface wool, Gotland wool, silk; 233 m/255 yds per 100g skein) in Dawn colourway; 5 (6, 6, 7, 7, 8) skeins.
If substituting yarn, you will need around 450 (505, 555, 605, 700, 750) g/1050 (1175, 1295, 1410, 1630, 1750) metres/1150 (1285, 1415, 1540, 1785, 1915) yards of DK-weight yarn.

Midding cardigan knitting pattern


XS (S, M, L, XL 2XL) Chest: 82 (92, 101, 120, 130, 145) cm/32 (36, 40, 47, 51, 57) inches

The cardigan is designed to be worn with 10–15 cm/ 4–6 inches of positive ease. I am modelling the size M and have a 91 cm/36 inch bust.

I chat about the pattern in the latest podcast as well!

As ever, subscribers to the EastLondonKnit newsletter get an exclusive discount, good until 3rd June!

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EastLondonKnit podcast 48

Episode 48: India & Into the Deep


I’m back! And I even managed a podcast this week, although I am very much the travel bore in this one, chatting about my trip to India for at least the first 8-10 minutes. You have been warned…

In other news, I have a new pattern out! Into the Deep! I will be hosting a giveaway over on my Instagram account, so do have a look if you would like to win a sweater quantity of beautiful Miss Babs yarn!


EastLondonKnit podcast knitting in episode 46

Episode 46: Tiny Celebrations


I crawled out of hibernation just long enough to record a last podcast for 2018.

I hope that you and yours have had wonderful holidays and that 2019 is a fabulous year for us all.

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EastLondonKnit knitting podcast Nema

New pattern: Nema!


Nema knitting pattern by Renee Callahan (1 of 1)-4 Nema knitting pattern back by Renee Callahan (1 of 1)-6

I have a new pattern just in time for the last days of summer.

**Introductory offer: As ever, you can get a discount on the pattern by signing up to the EastLondonKnit newsletter. The discount is good until 23rd of September 2018.**

Nema is designed for summer. A sleeveless tee-shirt of 100% linen, Nema is perfect for the hottest weather, or as a cute top layer for those in-between seasons. With a top-down seamless construction, built-in i-cord finishing, and a chunky gauge, this tee is a quick, satisfying knit.

Nema was knit with 3 ends of Kalinka linen held together.

You can buy Nema here!

I chat about the pattern in the latest episode of the podcast:

Show notes can be found in the EastLondonKnit Ravelry group.

Happy knitting!


EastLondonKnit knitting podcast,

Episode 34: whatchadone?


In the latest episode of the podcast I chat about my handmade wardrobe progress, a new challenge, show off some test knitting magic and there is a tutorial for a sewn bind off right at the end!

Show notes are in the EastLondonKnit Ravelry group, as ever:)
Happy knitting!


EastLondonKnit podcast

Episode 32: Give it away now!


On the cusp of summer, I chat about getting my sewing mojo going by sewing my own jeans. I discuss my strategy, such as it is, for a handmade capsule wardrobe and really want to hear about yours. The main thing is that I am giving away lots of fabulousness; don’t miss out!

Show notes are in the EastLondonKnit Ravelry group.

Happy knitting!

EastLondonKnit podcast episode 26

Episode 26: What inspires you?


Time flies when you are having fun! This episode marks a year of podcasting! Who knew I would last thing long, eh? Last week I was at EYF and it was fantastic. I did a lot of shopping and got to hang out with all the wonderful knitters, so it was pretty much perfect in my book. I share my stash enhancement, knitting plans and a whole lot of inspiration!

Happy knitting!

by Renée Callahan

Recollection released!


Recollection is live! Whoop!

I chat about the 2 garment patterns Josephine and A Sweater for Lucille in the latest episode of the EastLondonKnit Podcast.

Show notes can be found in the EastLondonKnit Ravelry group, and a knit along will be starting in a couple of weeks; start planning your Recollection knitting now!

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by Renée Callahan

Starflower Sweater

Because you are great, I have a 30% discount on my new sweater pattern for you!


Spring is sprung, at least according to the flowering cherry trees around my way. There is light in the sky when I get up and I feel the promise of warmth in the (still rare) sunshine.

So I think to myself, what better time to release a pattern for a chunky sweater! haHA!

In my defense, I wear sweaters all year round and will wear this sweater well into the spring, trading my coat for the breathable warmth of the sweater when the spring really kicks in.

The Starflower Sweater is a modified raglan pullover knit in beautiful chunky wool for a cosy hug of a sweater. Designed to be a beginner-friendly knit, Starflower is worked from the top down, so you can try it on as you go to get a perfect fit.

Starflower knitting pattern by Renee Callahan

I used  Hill View Farm Yarns Pleasingly Plumb wool for the sweater and I love the squishiness of the Bluefaced Leicester fibre.

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BKkzyIxA9WI/?taken-by=eastlondonknit]

I was honoured to be the recipient of the very first batch of yarn from Hill View Farm. It is a lovely yarn and I know that Natasha, the owner, has some amazing plans for crafty retreats, workshops, and yarn-based goodness.

You can buy the Starflower pattern here, and if you sign up to the EastLondonKnit newsletter, you will get a code for a 30% discount on the pattern with your confirmation email.

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p.s. I have some podcast (!) based plans in the works, and I would love to know if you listen to/watch podcasts. If so, what do you really like or dislike about them? More on this next week, but it would great to hear your opinions!