by Renée Callahan

The Podcast.


Well, this is it. I have decided to make a podcast.

The East London Knit podcast

I am thinking of it like this: what’s the big deal? If I fail and everyone hates it, I can quit anytime and move on. If I succeed, I will have a place to share tutorials and a place to regularly ‘meet’ with my knitting people. Either way, the only things I’m risking are time and pride, right?

Unlike many other podcasters, I won’t really be able to share what I am knitting all the time, because I am almost always knitting on a new design of my own. So what will I talk about?


First of all, I’ll share tutorials and tips regularly. I forget sometimes how it feels to be a beginner knitter, when there is everything to learn and no knowledge can be taken for granted. I have made photo tutorials, but I think having video will really help to make techniques clear and understandable.

Of course I will talk about upcoming events, new (and occasionally older) designs, and other people’s designs I wish I had time to knit… of which there are many!

To that end, here is my (bizarrely earnest!) introduction to the podcast:



Please do tell me what you think, if you like things or don’t. What are you interested in hearing about, seeing with regard to craft and knitting?

I like structure and the idea of having a regular (I’m thinking fortnightly) deadline to hold myself accountable for having something to show for my 2 weeks. The first episode will come out a couple of weeks after Edinburgh Yarn Fest, hopefully giving me enough time to recover and organise myself, and make a great first go of it:) Wish me luck… !

Happy knitting,


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  1. Mairead
    Mairead says:

    Your introduction was lovely! Not as earnest as you think. But it’s weird watching yourself on screen isn’t it? And so easy to be hypercritical. From what you say, your podcast will be interesting on so many levels. I like tutorials – even if it’s confirming that I am doing a technique correctly. Often I learn something new. There’s always something different to talk about in the fibre community. So I’m looking forward to your first episode 😊

  2. Charlotte
    Charlotte says:

    A podcast is a lovely idea! You weren’t too earnest at all. You had a nice flow to your words. Also the pink hair is very cool 🙂 looking forward to the first full episode!

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